Monday, 23 July 2012

Wirksworth railway station

We're home after two-and-a-bit weeks away, and it's back to work for me tomorrow. We've packed quite a lot into the holiday: picking up Jubilee at the Hopwood House pub on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal just south of Wast Hill Tunnel and moving it to Birmingham for Ally and Ben; staying for Ben's graduation; the trip down to Milton Keynes; and the few days in a cottage in Derbyshire. I had to think hard to remember what we did at the beginning!

One of the things we did in Derbyshire was to see the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at its Wirksworth base.

Yesterday Andrew and Bekka visited us, so after lunch in the town we walked down to the station. As well as the railway bits and pieces there was a small gathering of classic cars.

I was taken aback to see a white Volvo 240, the saloon version of our everyday car, actually in the display! And it was a year younger!

(I posted a photo of our car the other day - here it is again, outside the Nelson Arms (excellent beer) in Middleton)


Station Cars said...

An old volvo estate - brings back memories. Used to have an old brown one!!!

Halfie said...

Yes, they carry anything. A bit basic by modern standards - not even electric windows - but a brilliant workhorse.