Sunday 14 December 2014

Walking in sunshine

Yesterday we took part in the local walking group's final outing of the year.

We started and finished at The Dove, Poringland in Norfolk.

Conditions were perfect: cold but sunny with hardly any wind.

We walked just four miles, with a stop for coffee half way. Not exactly in Tom's (Waiouru) league, but in pleasant company.

I was pleased with the self-timed photo. I just put my rucksack down, put my coat and hat on it, rested the camera on top, selected the timer and pressed the button.

Back at the pub we had a Christmas meal. Not the best but, as I say, the company was good.

Today we ate out again, this time Sunday lunch in the village carvery. The occasion was the church choir annual Christmas meal; the food was excellent. After this I did more log chopping and stacking. The undealt-with pile is going down as the log store is growing; I now need to do more chain sawing of the larger pieces to give me more to split.

Monday 8 December 2014

Tree work provides several years' worth of logs

Last week we had a huge ash tree cut down. Large pieces were beginning to fall off into neighbours' gardens; when we had a tree surgeon look at it he pointed out that the trunk was in danger of splitting. So, unfortunately, it had to go.

Three men arrived at 0830 and left as it got dark at about 1600.

Daniel spent almost the entire time in the tree, cutting off branches and lowering them to the ground.

The last piece was the highest, largest and most difficult.

There it goes ...

Phew! The strap held.

In front of the hedge is what's left of the stump, just below the fence.

I have been having great fun splitting the huge rounds into lovely logs.

This is just a small fraction of the potential logs. We should have enough to keep us going for a few years.

If only the boat were a little closer.