Sunday, 22 July 2012

Swanning around on the Cromford Canal

This evening we went for a walk along the Cromford Canal from Whatstandwell to Ambergate, a distance of not much more than two miles. Yes, I know that's hardly anything, but we took our sandwiches and had a very pleasant relaxing time of it. And we walked back.

The bridges on this disused section are made of sturdy stone and seem to be in good condition. Well, they haven't had to cope with pleasure boaters misjudging their steering!

The vegetation on both sides of the canal is what you might call lush.

Derbyshire County Council looks after the canal and towpath now. The water level has been lowered to lessen the risk of leaks, and the area has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, which probably means that it'll not be restored to navigation.

A pair of swans were calmly doing not very much on the few inches of clear water above what must be three or four feet of silt and rotting organic matter.

Someone at Derbyshire County Council has made an interesting colour choice for their signs!

Lit by the sun in the above photo were these yellow flowers. Anyone know what they are?

At Ambergate works have been built on the line, and the canal suddenly disappears into a culvert.

Here Jan illustrates the height of the vegetation either side of the towpath. The canal is to the right. Despite the undergrowth trying to take over, the metalled path is in very good condition.

Next time we'll have to find where the canal re-emerges and continue the walk to Langley Mill.


Kevin said...

Those yellow flowers are RAGWORT. It is extremely poisonous and must not be touched. Most local authorities have a policy for dealing with it as it can be prolific on roadside verges. It is particularly nasty to farm animals as some are happy to eat it resulting in certain death. Never compost this plant, always burn it instead.
NB Tranquility

Halfie said...

Oo-er! Thanks Kevin. As with nearly all my photographic subjects I didn't touch it.

Roger Smith said...

If your plans allow I recommend walking the Whatstandwell to Cromford section, splendid woodlands, aqueducts, a steam powered beam engine to pump water up from the river and when last seen kept at a much higher water level.

Andy Tidy said...

And there is a whole loan more from the Excavator Pub (A610) to the Butterley Tennel and Pinxton.

Halfie said...

Roger, we walked the Cromford to Whatstandwell section last year, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Andy, perhaps next year for that section.