Monday, 16 July 2012

Arriving at Milton Keynes Marina: Jubilee's - and Ally and Ben's - new base

At about three o'clock this afternoon Ben made the turn into Milton Keynes Marina.

He expertly manoeuvred Jubilee round into its mooring on one of the only vacant jetties, and we tied up.

So that's it! The end of our cruising on our boat for up to two years, as Ally and Ben settle in to marina life. They will, no doubt, be glad to see the back of us and have some time on their own again! For our part, we will be sad to say goodbye to Jubilee (and to them), but this is what's been planned for some time.

There is more to say about our trip, but that's for another time. Ben and I will travel to King's Norton by train in the morning to pick up our cars, then Jan and I will load up our things.


Nicky said...

just a quickie are you on jetty 1 or 2 i have a very good friend on jetty 2 xx

ditchcrawler said...

Maybe they will take a couple of weeks in the sun on a package holliday and you will be able to look after her for them.

Halfie said...

Nicky - they're on Jetty 1.

Brian, we have already aired the possibility of a house swap!

Nev Wells said...

I sense your joy and pain.... bitter sweet, two years will pass in a flash.... now where is Shadow?


Halfie said...

Nev, yes, it won't be that bad really. I'll still have all the fun of maintaining the boat, after all! Shadow is still based at Wigram's Turn, and I'm waiting to hear if our bid for a week next month has been successful...