Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spon Lane Locks

10th April 2011

VallyP commented recently on the fact that all my recent posts have been concerned with just one day: the tenth of April. It's true. It was an amazing day, cram-packed with interest, from Windmill End Junction to Hawne Basin; to Netherton Tunnel; to Spon Lane Locks; to Gas Street Basin.

Shadow entering Spon Lane Bottom Lock

Underneath the M5 motorway, hidden from the satellites' gaze, is Spon Lane Junction. Here the Old Main Line joins the New Main Line via three locks. To get to the locks you have to negotiate a very tight turn. I don't suppose many boats do this turn, as in a couple of miles there is a much more straightforward way to the New Main Line down the Smethwick Locks.

in the bottom lock, looking back up the short flight

But I like a challenge, and so we made the turn, and descended the locks. As if, perhaps, to punish us for our foolhardiness, we picked up a pair of Royal Mail overtrousers on the prop.

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Andy Tidy said...

The oldest lock chambers on the system.