Monday, 26 September 2011

Lock cottages. Two different ones.

12th April 2011

In the red corner ... a lock cottage on the Stratford Canal where pigs might fly. Appropriate, as an inflatable pig was due to fly today above Battersea Power Station in a recreation of Pink Floyd's famous "Animals" album cover, originally done in 1977. Wow! That's 34 years ago!

And in the green corner ... another lock cottage on the Stratford Canal ...

... this one featuring a man sitting in the sun reading a book.

It could have been today, not April, as it's been warm and sunny (after the rain). We even had a barbecue! Yes, today, almost at the end of September.


Vallypee said...

Pretty cottages of an unusual design. I've never seen curved roofs on old cottages before.

Anonymous said...

Built by navies like that using bridge or tunnel formers