Tuesday, 23 November 2010

y Trallwng, Powysland Museum, Welshpool, and a narrowboat mural

On our summer walk along the Montgomery Canal we came to Welshpool, or, yn Cymraeg (in Welsh*), y Trallwng. The Powysland Museum, housed in an old warehouse, was shut when we got there, so we bought some emergency rations from Morrison's and started our walk northwards. This was to be a long walk, over 11 miles, and we did need our emergency rations as both pubs en route were closed at lunchtime. Contemporary log here.

This is the bridge through which I took the photo of the museum.

And, on the other side of the bridge, a mural of narrowboat Veronica, with an abundance of windows.

Andrew Denny would, I'm sure, approve of my waiting for the lorry to come along before I pressed the button.

* Or should that be "yng Ymhraeg"? I'm beginning to forget forgetting the Welsh I learnt 20 years ago.

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