Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sending photos, and a problem with heating

Quick! I have fifteen minutes to get this post in before it's tomorrow. But what to say?

I know. I've been responding to the IWA's request for photographs for its 2012 calendar. I spent some time looking through my recent photos, writing down numbers and "exporting" them ready to attach to an e-mail. Then I composed a short message and attached some photos, and that took quite a while, only for Hotmail to throw a wobbly. I don't think the message with the photos got through, which means either I try again, or I don't bother. I'm certainly not doing it tonight!

We have, at last, succumbed to the cold weather and put the central heating on. Only there's a slight problem. The three-port valve won't go over to the heating position. That'll be another job for me, then. Meanwhile we've had the woodburner on the go, with a fan to blow the heat out of the sitting room to keep the chill off the rest of the house. It sort of works!

Sorry, no photo - it'll take too long.


Andy Tidy said...

can you force the valve open with the manual lever?
They are not hard to replace but they are expensive.

Halfie said...

Andy, yes, I've done that, but then I think it doesn't heat the water in the hot water cylinder. A few years ago I replaced the drive motor, and a couple of years later I replaced the whole unit. I wish I knew what keeps causing it to fail.

You made some good contributions to the WW webchat, Cap'n - or should I say Capy?!