Monday, 29 November 2010

Cycling in the snow

I cycled to work today. In the snow. And I got there rather quicker than if I'd driven. I didn't have to remove the plastic sheet keeping the worst of the snow and ice off the car. I didn't have to sit in the car with the engine running while the windscreen demisted. I didn't have to join the crawling traffic on the main road.

No, I just got the bike out of the shed (after holding the padlock in my hand to thaw it enough for the key to go in), put my bag in the panier, and set off.

No photos, sorry. Bit difficult on the bike.

Another thing I did today was to hand in my pass card for the car park I've been using in Norwich. It's been costing me a few hundred pounds every year, but most of the time I cycle, and hence I wasn't getting my money's worth. If it's lashing down with rain - or worse - I can always use the bus.

OK, here's a pic I took on Sunday when we recce'd the walk we're leading next month.

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Nev Wells said...


Well done on the cycling - we introduced a rebate scheme for low users (but we do have ANPR to record when staff come in their cars)We also introduced a .35% of salary for car parking - standing joke is our Vice Chancellor is at the top of one league table - the VC who pays the most to park !

Take care on that bike