Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ware to go for a friendly wave

I know, everybody makes a pun on the Hertfordshire town's name. As we passed Swain's Mill, now a car workshop, in Ware on the Lee Navigation in August, I thought I saw one of the mechanics wave as I pointed the camera. It's only now that I've tweaked the picture that I can see that he did indeed wave.

This is in the central dark opening in the top picture.

Why do people do it? It must be that a boat is still a comparative rarity, and still seen as somehow exotic. That's fine by me!


Martin said...

Were you impressed by the location of Ware weir?

Halfie said...

You mean next to the lock? Are you alluding to the syphon, Martin?

Martin said...

No, I was aiming for a pun but missed!

Halfie said...

Oh, you mean where Ware weir was?