Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Working boats Pegasus, Victoria, Brighton and Nuneaton

Back in August, when days were longer and warmer than they are now, we were on our way up the Thames having got onto the non-tidal part above Teddington Lock.

In the vicinity of Kingston upon Thames was Pegasus, a small Woolwich, looking rather tatty.

Immediately above the next lock, Molesey Lock, were Victoria, Brighton and Nuneaton breasted up to each other. Brighton is a large Woolwich butty; and motor Nuneaton is a large Northwich. Both are in the care of the Narrow Boat Trust. Victoria was built at Northwich (but is it "large" or "small"?).

I understand from their website that the Narrow Boat Trust runs Nuneaton and Brighton as an educational working pair, aiming to carry regular freight loads.


Simon said...

Victoria is run by Mike, with whom we share an employer. He also lives at High Line at Northolt, so should really have recognised Willow... ;-)

Halfie said...

Oh, I hope he doesn't mind I've called his boat "tatty"! I didn't see anyone there.

CJB said...

We saw Pegasus passing by on a Turks cruise on Sunday May 4. She was well tatty, all faded paint, sheeting removed, leaning on one side (water filled hull?), ripe for scrapping. Sad.