Monday, 2 September 2019

Where does the water from a dry dock go?

As we went down the lock by Bulbourne Dry Dock this morning I could see that a boat had just been floated in. Then the plug was pulled - or the sluice opened - and the water started to drain from the dock. The water finds its way back into the canal, but it takes a surprising route ...

… appearing out of a hole in the ground.

We shared locks with Brandywine again today; they are on a similar schedule to us so I expect we will see them again tomorrow. We saw a Wyvern boat today - we are back in hire boat country. There are very few in the London area.

Many pounds were down, especially this one in the Seabrook Locks area. This is the bypass weir whichj is more than a foot above the current water level.

The scenery was very pleasant, as was the weather.

When we got to Leighton Buzzard we tied up and were joined by Ally and Ben with Josiah and Micah. Josiah is now spending the night with us; we will deliver him back to his parents in Wolverton after a day's boating tomorrow.


Adam said...

The Braunston dry dock comes out under the bridge below the bottom lock -- and can make lock entry or exit trickier than usual.

stevecarter said...

Charity Dock on the Coventry drains into the River Anker through a culvert under the canal.