Sunday, 8 September 2019

Last broad locks done for a while

We walked to St Paul's Church in Leamington Spa this morning for the 0930 service. It took half-an-hour (the walk, not the service); there we saw Ben's brother, Tim, who gave us the lift yesterday, and Tim's wife, Ros. The service was very good.

Back at the boat (another half-hour's walk) we set off to Warwick and then Hatton. Just before Hatton Bottom Lock we saw Jacky on her boat Thomas. She was in the middle of her lunch but promised to help us up the first few locks. This she did; we then paused for a cup of tea before Jacky walked back down to her boat and we carried on, refreshed.

Jacky and Jan

The flight was very quiet, but many of the locks were in our favour. One boat we met coming down seemed to be on a collision course for Jubilee but the boats passed safely.

Shrewley Tunnel was wetter than I remembered. The water was calm as we passed the Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club moorings (where are the yachts?).

We stopped near Rowington in time for me to watch the F1 Grand Prix.

Hatton marked the last broad locks we shall do this year; tomorrow we shall turn left and right at Kingswood Junction to go up the north Stratford Canal.

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Sarah said...

That second photo looks like a textbook example of how to pass an oncoming boat. Less vital on a wide canal with shallow-drafted boats, but good to see all the same.