Monday, 9 September 2019

Temporary bridge which few people use

It took not much more than half-an-hour to reach Kingswood Junction this morning. On the way we saw a pair of kingfishers. Jan spotted them having a bit of an argy-bargy on the towpath; I saw them only as they flew in front of us a couple of time before disappearing into the bushes.

The footbridge over the tail of Lock 19 on the Stratford Canal is in the process of being rebuilt, seemingly with a stainless steel deck.

While the bridge is closed a temporary scaffold-based bridge has been erected over the lock.

According to a local the only people who use it are children.

I imagine most people, like the person I spoke to, use the lock gates to get across.

It was good to get a visit from a former colleague of mine at Lapworth. This is in Lapworth Top Lock.

Ian had been the sports supremo at BBC Look East; he moved to BBC Midlands Today some years ago and lives lives by the canal. Every time we pass we message him in case he's around; today we coincided.

This evening we went to our favourite Indian restaurant, the Sweet Chillies in Yardley Wood Road, Birmingham. It was a cracking meal as always.

Tomorrow I'll go to the Apple store in Brum to see if I can get my phone sorted.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Maybe the hand rail won't rot of like the last one. Did you not how you cant get from one end of the lock to the other without going round the temporary bridge due to the fencing.