Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Spielberg drone holds up navigation without CRT's knowledge

Well, not necessarily the man himself, in person*, but filming for a Stephen Spielberg production caused us to be delayed for half an hour in Birmingham today. The film is Ready Player One; I don't know if it will use any canal shots. The location operative below asked us to wait while a drone with a camera filmed some action taking place to the right.

The drone - I'm calling it that because that's what she called it - hovered directly over the pound above Lock 12, I think it was, on the Farmer's Bridge flight for 30 - 60 seconds or so before disappearing off to the right.

That's a serious piece of kit.

And here's one of the props. Yes, it's a sci-fi movie. To be released in 2018, apparently.

We agreed to wait. But the production company was naughty. It had not cleared the filming with CRT; they found out that filming was taking place only today. They didn't know that boats, cyclists and pedestrians were being stopped. At the time I was surprised not to have received a notice alert, nor was there a CRT person anywhere in sight. When we were at last allowed to proceed we got to the top of the locks and I called in to the CRT office to tell them.

Still, it added extra interest to the travelling today, all 27 locks of it. I took lots of photos of other interesting things today, but there is not the time nor space for me to share them now.

*According to the Birmingham Mail Mr Spielberg was indeed in Birmingham to oversee the set.


Mike Todd said...

Bet CRT will claim their fee now!

Halfie said...

One would hope so, but I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens...