Thursday, 22 September 2016

Coaling up

We called into the well-stocked Whilton Chandlers this morning to agonise over what we could spend our voucher on. We'd won it in a raffle at the IWA Northampton Branch gathering back in the spring (remember spring?). I'd only just bought oil and blue, and we were struggling to think of something useful to buy. We were saved from having to make an immediate decision by the sudden appearance of our friend Tony from Paws 4 Thought who had driven down from Fazeley for some fenders and blue. His purchases came to very nearly £50; our voucher was for that amount, so we paid with the voucher and Tony gave us the cash. I will try to ensure that we buy stuff from there the next time we pass so as to be within the spirit of the voucher.

It was only later that I realised I should have bought coal from Whilton. I was intending to get some from Rugby Boats at Stowe Hill as they had Supertherm at a good price last year. On the way we passed Southern Cross, with Supertherm on board, but no-one was in. I had hoped to top up the diesel as well.

A laden working boat looks good.

Just before Weedon there were major earthworks taking place either side of the canal and railway where they come close together. I wonder if this is to be a bypass road.

Oh yes, there's a boat in the field. More than one, actually.

We stopped for lunch at Weedon, then stopped at Rugby Boats for a couple of bags of coal. They had no Supertherm, a brand I have got used to, and I allowed myself to be talked into accepting Excel. I hope it does. Their diesel price was 60.9 p/l, but I didn't get any as I hoped to bump into another fuel boat. We also stopped at Bridge 32 - Fred Tarry - where I discovered their diesel price was 63 p/l. I bought a bag of Supertherm. All our recent log acquisitions and the three bags of coal should last us into spring next year.

We had a very good, sunny, run down to Blisworth. The countryside is delightful, enhanced by the blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Just before Blisworth Tunnel a large branch had come down on the towpath. It didn't hinder navigation but is a real hazard for towpath users.

Look at the broken-off branch high up. It is completely detached from the tree.

I have e-mailed CRT. I haven't yet had the automated "thank you for contacting CRT; we will try to get back to you in 5 working days" response.

It was good to see Kathryn when we tied up at Stoke Bruerne. She has now had a proper hip replacement and this seems to have gone well. She certainly seems very happy with it and looks much more nimble. No stick!

Tomorrow we have just the seven Stoke Bruerne Locks and a few miles - then we'll be back at the marina.

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Adam said...

Yes it's the Weedon Flore bypass, and there'll be a huge bridge over the canal and railway on that corner. And because of the new road, they'll build thousands of new houses in Daventry.