Saturday, 17 September 2016

A proper Dutch boat

We stayed at Warwick today, on the 48 hour moorings above Cape Locks. Ally and Josiah came to visit; we walked round the town and took Josiah to Little Monkeys Fun House for an hour or so.

At the moorings was this lovely Dutch boat.

Kokanje was built in 1910 as a sailing barge to carry tulips; in 1968 a Mercedes diesel engine and the superstructure were fitted. The boat was transported from the Netherlands to Shepperton Marina in January this year; Ken, a former narrowboat owner, bought her in March and is absolutely delighted with her.

I got talking to him on the towpath as he was carrying a bundle of Celotex insulation; he invited me on board for a look round. He likes the fact that there's plenty of headroom and, for a shortish boat, it feels spacious. The 9' beam helps in this regard. The Celotex was for the roof lining, a job he has already started. Ken intends taking the boat to Ireland next year (by lorry).

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Vallypee said...

It's tiny for a Dutch barge! A cutie although I'm not so keen on the superstructure. I prefer them to be more in keeping with the hull. I don't like the one on our holiday barge much either, but it's expensive to re-build.