Thursday, 8 September 2016

Official graffiti?

As we came to the Farmer's Bridge flight on Tuesday I took some photos of some artwork I hadn't seen before. This one has presumably been here long enough for the undergrowth to become overgrowth.

A few yards further, immediately below the bottom lock, is this welcome.

The CRT logo indicates that this is "official" graffiti - or should I call it a mural?

But that was two days ago. Today we moved from the top of Farmer's Bridge Locks to Windmill End ready for the Black Country Boating Festival this weekend. On the way I took just two photos, including this of Bromford Junction as we passed.

Once we'd tied up on our allotted mooring we had lunch, and then I went over to the festival site to see what I could do. I helped with setting up a stage, putting the framework of a marquee together, putting sides on another marquee, shifting a load of chairs and tables etc. etc. I didn't finish until about 1930; tea on the boat followed; then we met up with Andy of the Jam Butty, Barry and Sandra of the homebrew boat and others for a walk to The Old Swan, aka Ma Pardoe's, in Netherton for drinkies. Tomorrow there will be plenty more to do.

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Jim said...

Envious to hear you all went to Ma Pardoe's, but it sounds as if you deserved it.