Saturday, 3 September 2016

BCF at Fazeley

The view from the side hatch yesterday morning.

David ferried some paperwork over to us. Well, it was quicker than walking round with it.

During the day we helped prepare for the BCF event in the church and church hall at Fazeley; in the evening those of us who had arrived had drinks and nibbles. Although it looks like we're just chatting in the photo.

Stephen (centre) and Martin (right) started making music, so I jammed along on my recorder.

Today we enjoyed bacon butties before Jan welcomed the 36 or so members to the morning session in the church.

Then Martin led us in an exploration of the meaning of "fellowship", as in the third of the three aims of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship: Worship, Witness and Fellowship. After lunch there were quizzes to do; I had devised a treasure hunt; and there were lots of cakes etc., many provided by Pat and Tony.

It's now late, so I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I'll try to remember to include a photo of our coal shoot, freshly painted and delivered.

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