Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nice idea, but will speeding boaters take any notice?

Fixed to Bridge 97 on the shared Oxford/Grand Union is a sign "borrowed" from the road network.

It made me smile - "Try your brakes" is a variation on "Slow down" I hadn't seen before. I don't suppose it will make the slightest difference to the speed of passing boats.

Earlier we'd had a good chat with Julie from Heaven Sent. We came alongside and she came on board for coffee. We stopped for lunch just below Calcutt Locks, where I started chopping the logs from the Worcester and Birmingham. This might just be our last boating al fresco meal of 2016.

The house at Napton Junction has a curious excrescence on a wall.

Is it foam cavity wall insulation which has oozed from a crack? Or a weird decorative feature?

We tied up for the day on Braunston Puddlebanks. I expected there to be space opposite The Boathouse pub but that is always gloomy being overshadowed by trees. We enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine, which imparted a warm glow to the scene.

I lit the fire for the first time since - ooh - July as it was beginning to feel a bit chilly. We walked to the pub for a good meal; on our return to the boat we had to open all the windows/pigeon boxes/front door to let some of the heat out!

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