Wednesday, 7 September 2016

No loo? How inconvenient.

I didn't mention yesterday that we tied up at the top of the Farmer's Bridge Locks on a two day mooring breasted up to Gerald No.13. Cambrian Wharf was full and we were hoping to get a space there this morning before catching a train to Wolverton. CW was still full this morning, but a space had become available on the two day mooring so we pulled back there and walked to New Street Station.

Rewinding slightly to yesterday, just below Minworth Top Lock is what's left of the Cincinnati building. You might just be able to make out the right-hand upright of an "N" followed by "CI".

This engineering works was a landmark on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, now it is being demolished to make way for a hundred houses.

Something which I don't remember from previous trips along here is this old pit head wheel, just above the lock.

Now to some pictures from today. As I said, we took the train to Wolverton to visit Ally, Ben and Josiah. The notice at Coventry Station caught my eye.

It's always good when there's an apology for the inconvenience.

And here's one of the reasons for our train excursion today. Our blue-eyed grandson, Josiah.

We got back to the boat at 2240; tomorrow we'll travel to Windmill End and help set up the Black Country Boating Festival.

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