Monday, 6 April 2015

Why bother with a paddle when you have a perfectly good hand?

Amington to Fazeley. Not many miles and two locks. The two locks were at Glascote, always notoriously slow, but painfully so today as only one top paddle was working at the top lock. We weren't really held up as we took on water at the top lock behind the one boat waiting to go down. Despite the slowish tap, and the fact that we'd used a fair amount of water since our last fill three days before, we were able to slip into the lock immediately a boat exited it.

leaving Glascote bottom lock
At Peel Wharf, Fazeley Junction, Jubilee was reflected in the glass panels lining the canal.

We tied up opposite our friends David and Mary. David came over to deliver something to Jan - by canoe.

No paddle necessary. It was quicker than walking to the bridge.

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David Lomas said...

Have a lovely day in Sheffield visiting Andrew and Bekka on the 7th, hope you are having a lovely time. We are following the Blog and photos each day!
Best Wishes....Juliet & David