Monday, 27 April 2015

Barbecue stands by Shroppie; an evening with Armadillo

We moved on to Nantwich today, still enjoying the sunny weather. We haven't had any proper rain for more than two weeks now, although some is forecast for tomorrow. The wind has been cool recently, but even that eased off today.

You see all that white smoke coming out of the chimney?

It's actually the blossom on the trees (blackthorn?)!

I'm impressed by the barbecue stands by the picnic tables along this stretch. Perfect for the warmer weather ... but we won't be here then.

As we headed north towards Nantwich we were enjoying these idyllic conditions.

We tied up on the embankment just before the aqueduct in Nantwich and went into the town for provisions. After tea on board we moved onto the service point for water and Elsan; then, having spotted Armadillo, we invited them over for drinks. We tied up by the entrance to Nantwich Basin.

It was good to see Graham and Jill again, and we had a good natter about all sorts of things. A decent quantity of wine was drunk as well!

During the evening I noticed that the sky was doing interesting things.

Oh, Graham, you left your hat behind.


Neil Corbett said...

If the bush/tree has just blossom, no leaves, then it's blackthorn (Sloe). If it has green leaves as well as the blossom its Hawthorne (probably).
Kath (nb Herbie)

Halfie said...

Thanks Kath. I don't recall seeing leaves, so that makes it blackthorn.