Friday, 17 April 2015

New signwriting gets an admiring glance

Before setting off this morning Jan and I mounted our folding bicycles and made a tour of one of the lakes by Curdworth Bottom Lock. I'm glad Jan used her bike - it justifies the two bikes taking up space on board.

I rested the camera on a gate and managed to get this photo of the two of us. The ten seconds the timer gave me was only just long enough for me to dash to the bike and get my feet off the ground.

As we cycled back to the boat a Kate Boats hire boat was just leaving the lock. This was one of only three moving boats (apart from us) we saw all day.

As we came up the lock a mallard perched on a wheelie bin looked admiringly at our new signwriting.

The tail of Lock 6 of the Curdworth flight has a curious curve to it. I couldn't work out why.

The second moving boat was a CRT work boat tying up in the pound just above this. A new coping stone was being cut to size with an angle grinder.

The cut off bits are behind the gleaming white stone. The three workers disappeared as we came up the lock.

We stopped for the day just beyond Butler's Bridge where there are some bollards. The stretch above Minworth Top Lock to this point has been tarmaced to the coping, so this was the first opportunity to tie up for Tyburn House, where we enjoyed a two-for-£6.50 meal deal (steak and ale pie (with proper pastry), peas and chips and fish, peas and chips).

This is where we saw the third moving boat, Telemachus, on its way to Star City.

Now I wonder how much sleep we'll get tonight. We seem to be directly under the flight path to Birmingham Airport.


Jonathan Thrower said...

hi John and Jan,

Like your new paint work and the very appropriate sign writing!
We may be looking for a hire boat at short notice at the end of the summer. Kelly's parents are due to visit and have said they may be interested in a trip. if you pass by any nice looking hire boats let me know. needs to be trad or semi trad sleeping 4-6.

Jonathan & Kelly

Halfie said...

Thanks Jon. We'll keep our eyes open but, as you know, there are hundreds of hire boats! Valley Cruises (Stratford-on-Avon) always look nice, and I know they have semitrad boats. What area of the country?