Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Postal voting from a boat - how is it going to work? And excitement ahead.

Jim's recent post on the joys of living in a marginal constituency reminds me that I don't quite know how I will be able to exercise my democratic right and vote in the forthcoming General Election.

We have applied for postal votes, a first for us, and asked that they be sent to our daughter's address, but how are they going to be forwarded to us? I think this will involve the poste restante system, but we've not used it before and don't know how it works. Is it a case of finding a post office where we happen to be, checking that they "do" poste restante and getting Ally to send the letters to the post office? And, presumably, we have to send the votes back to our electoral registration officer in time to be counted on 7th May.

This is our current mooring in Fazeley; we are the second boat up on the right. There are several BCF boats in the picture, crews from which attended the spring conference on Saturday; the boats are Kew, Maranatha, Chyandour, Jubilee, Essence, Thingvellir and Amy Em (the boat heading to the junction).

The junction cottage looks splendid (sorry my photo is slightly wonky).

Oh yes, something is due to happen tomorrow that is very exciting. I'll tell you more later!


Martin said...

We've had good success with Poste Restante. It's easy to find the location and phone number of a post office on the internet, and I've always found them helpful and willing to accept post – they get paid a fee for it.

Halfie said...

Thanks for that, Martin. So do I get the person forwarding me the post to address it to the particular post office?

Martin said...

Yup. That's all it needs – your name c/o the post office with its address. I'd give them a ring first to check that they do this. Mine's being sent to Great Haywood.