Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day at Polesworth; buzzing bikes and birds; return to Amington

The crews of the nine Boaters' Christian Fellowship boats plus some BCF members who had driven over, went to the excellent 10am service at Polesworth Abbey taken by Father Philip Wells. His enthusiasm was a delightful change from what can sometimes be little more than a read-through of words in a service book. The church is ostensibly high church, but with a low church feel, if that makes sense. I'm sure we all celebrated Christ's resurrection this morning with a new vigour.

This was followed, for the BCF, by a bring-and-share lunch in the abbey's refectory.

And that was it for the Easter Cruise, a first for us. It was good to get to know some of the other BCF members better, and to join with locals from Tamworth, Amington and Polesworth for their Easter events.

We said our goodbyes and headed off to wind at Grendon Bridge, a mile and a half further on. On the way we saw the source of the constant motorbike noise: Polesworth Motocross circuit by the railway bridge. The canal runs close enough to see the riders zig-zagging around the course.

After winding we overshot Polesworth and tied up in Amington so we could go to the Festival Evensong at St. Editha's Church. The church in Tamworth was also St. Editha's, and so is Polesworth Abbey. You can imagine the conversation a few hundred years ago ...

Amington builder: "We're constructing this new church building here in Amington but we don't know who to dedicate it to."
Polesworth resident: "Well, ours is St. Editha's, and so is that new church in Tamworth just down the road."
Amington builder: "Yours is St. Editha's? And so is Tamworth's? Well, it must be OK ... We'll dedicate our church to St. Editha too."

Whatever the history, we received a warm welcome and had a good time.

On the way to Amington I spotted a pair of birds of prey circling over the trees near Pooley Hall.

I think they might be buzzards.

Today's weather has been much more spring-like - even (whisper it) summery! At last!

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