Friday, 10 April 2015

Visitors: boats and dinner guests

The boats came thick and fast during the day, BCF ones that is, arriving for the Spring Conference which Jan has organised.

Here is Essence, crewed by Adrian and Chris.

I know of at least eight BCF boats here at Fazeley; there may be more. Most BCF people who are coming will drive.

It was lovely to have Andy and Helen over for a meal this evening. We think they will be somewhat relieved when their house move is complete, handy though it is for them to have their boats to live on meanwhile.

Oops - you're in the shade, Andy. Sorry.

Inspired by my taking of this self-timed photo, Andy started fiddling with his camera as he'd not taken a self-timed photo before. Unfortunately he managed to get himself locked out of it; something about Setting Q. I hope you get it sorted, Andy.

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