Monday, 20 April 2015

New sign at Cambrian Wharf

We decided we liked Birmingham so much that we'd stay another day, so we finally managed to visit the library. The views from the top are great. This is the reverse of the shot I took yesterday; Jubilee is just visible in Cambrian Wharf between the tower blocks.

CRT put up some new signs today. This one reads "Moor up at Cambrian Wharf". It is still not clear which are visitor moorings and which long term, though.

At least the sign isn't wonky.

We really will move on tomorrow. We watered up and emptied what needed emptying this afternoon so we are ready. I also unblocked the bathroom sink waste using Ben's method of blowing down a hose pushed into the skin fitting. Blowing the other way, i.e. from the inside just didn't clear it.

Boaters talked to today: Shaun and Pip on Evaline (in front of us in Cambrian Wharf) and Scooby and Rita on The Maple Knot.

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