Thursday, 2 April 2015

Calm after the storm; boats gather for BCF Easter Cruise

We did the last little bit of our journey to Glascote Top Lock today, cruising the four miles from Polesworth. And there was no wind! I could see reflections in the water, unlike the previous three days or so, when sometimes it's looked more like conditions at sea with white horses on the waves.

We winded in the entrance to Glascote Basin and joined the end of the line of Boaters' Christian Fellowship boats gathering for an Easter Cruise. There are nine boats in all. It won't be a very long cruise; just the four miles back to Polesworth! But it takes in Passiontide and Easter events at this most important time of year for Christians. These kicked off this evening with a "last supper"-type meal with members of St. George's Church ...

... and a communion service in the church hall. This incorporated a bit of foot washing to bring to mind Jesus's washing of Peter's feet. When the speaker called for eight volunteers among the first people to stand up were at least four BCF members, including myself. I was on the receiving end of Rex's ministrations - thanks Rex.

After the service we walked across the road to the church for silent prayer before walking back to our boats.

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