Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wheelock to Church Lawton - and missing out on Sandbach

Got a bit carried away today and cracked on with the locks when we should have walked into Sandbach and explored. Last night's mooring at Wheelock would have been ideal. Oh well, next time.

entering Lock 66 on the T&M
Most of the locks between Wheelock and Kidsgrove are paired, like the three at Hillmorton on the Oxford Canal, which can speed things up considerably if there's a lot of traffic. We encountered hardly any moving boats today, though, and nearly every lock was in our favour.

entering Lock 65
After some rain in the night we had mostly dry conditions with a fair amount of sunshine. I don't know what the yellow flowers in this field are, but I do know that it's not oilseed rape. Is that a crow or a raven on the post?

As we climbed the locks we could see over to Mow Cop with its distinctive folly.

Here it is a bit bigger.

Jan's friend from college days came to visit us where we had tied up for the day at Church Lawton. It was good to see you, Jane, and we trust you enjoyed your birthday tea.

To round off the day there was a nice sunset.

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