Friday, 25 December 2009

The year in photos: March sunshine

In March my father and I moved a boat for a friend down the Grand Union from Buckby to Northolt. We had excellent weather for the time of year: hardly any rain, and sunshine on most of the five days of the trip.

The photo shows Willow, the boat we moved, and my father collecting kindling at Stoke Bruerne. It got pretty cold at night!

The cruise was notable for meeting two more bloggers: Andrew Denny on Granny Buttons; and Alan and Frances on Lazy Days.

A Happy Christmas to all reading this!


Vallypee said...

I like that early spring sunshine when the sun is still low in the sky. Hope you've had a good Christmas Halfie and co!

Andy Tidy said...

I like your idea of picking one boating photo out for each month - a nice way to reflect on the past year.
I hope you are having a great Christmas.

Halfie said...

VallyP, yes, thank you, we're having a good time so far. Back at work today, and tomorrow will be the first opportunity to see if I can get the Volvo 240 back on the road!

Andy, well, it's a way of getting something on the blog even if I don't really have anything to say!
Ditto about Christmas.