Saturday, 12 December 2009

Old boats at Easter

At Easter this year we cruised to Chester as part of our moving of Shadow from Stockton Top Marina to Tattenhall Marina (we had some time in hand, so we overshot Tattenhall). We had tied up below the city wall, and went to the service in the cathedral on Easter Sunday. We met John and Fiona from nb Epiphany walking along the wall on their way to the service.

Before the service began I had time to walk along to Northgate Locks to see a couple of boats emerging. They were returning from Ellesmere. Now, I'm no good at identifying historic boats (I need lessons from Sarah). Can you tell me anything about them? One is Kangaroo; the other, in the distance in the second photo, is Lamprey.


Vallypee said...

Gorgeous Halfie. I love these old boats. They are so beautifully old fashioned. That gorge in the lower picture is lovely too. Looks almost as if it could be in France!

Halfie said...

VallyP, the two pictures were both taken in the same area: the Shropshire Union Canal in Chester. The top photo is looking towards Northgate Top Lock; the second is looking the other way, with the rock the canal was cut through on the left, and the city wall on the right. Yes, it's a lovely spot, and it always gives me a thrill going through here.