Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas present stirring it up

For Christmas I received* an Ecofan. It has been in almost continuous use since then, wafting the woodburner's hot air around the sitting room. It has made an amazing difference: the room has been hotter than I've known it in winter.

Of course, it could be just that we've had the stove alight more often than usual, but I don't think the effect is merely psychological.

I thought pictures of the thing in action better than seeing it stationary, but you can't see how many blades it has. So I'll tell you. Two. You can't see the cooling fins directly very well, but their shadow is visible in the top photo.

While searching for the link for the Ecofan I was pleased to discover that spare parts are available: replacement motor and replacement blades.

*I actually ordered this myself. I found the most convenient source to be canalshoponline at Whilton Chandlery.

Happy New Year to all.

(edited to remove typo)


Neil Corbett said...

Don't forget to take the fan off the stove when you move the boat. They have a habit of walking off the stove top and onto the floor!

Happy New Year

Andy Tidy said...

In a curious twist of syncronicity I can report that I too received my two bladed eco fan as a Christmas present (which I purchased myself) - but that was two years ago and I have moved from a sceptic to an evangelical convert. They are great!

Vallypee said...

Happy New year Halfie and family. I hope 2010 is a great one for you all.

The ecofan is now on my wish list for this year!

Halfie said...

Neil, yes, what I forgot to mention was that, of course, the Ecofan will accompany me boating. I think Adam wrote recently that Debdale has a hook by the stove for convenient stowage while on the move (or was it you?)

Andy, so I'm two years behind the times. Oh well, better late than never.

VallyP, thank you. Will you get to visit some British canals this year?

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Halfie, I was thinking about asking through my blog what people thought of Ecofans! Now you have done it for me, thank you.

I will get myself an "Ecofan" saving jar so I can get one next year. Then again, its my Birthday in June.......... must get my family to read this!

Wishing you, Love,Luck and Happiness in 2010!

Debbie Nb Tickety Boo

Halfie said...

Debbie, thanks for your good wishes. I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about the Ecofan, so keep putting those pennies in the jar! I'm looking forward to trying mine out on the boat, but our next booked week isn't until August! Perhaps we'll be able to get a short notice week before then.

Vallypee said...

I'd love to think we could come for an English canal trip but I think it's more likely we;ll be visiting by car. Hiring a boat comes very expensive and my brother hasn't had his long enough for me to dare ask if we could borrow it yet! Maybe Neeeext year ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Halfie - I can't believe that your booked week isn't until August :-( It's the agony of the share boater - how well we remember it.

Do invite yourself onto Indigo Dream for a boating top-up if we're ever in your vicinity!

I hope you won't mind my hijacking your comments as well, I just wanted to say to VallyP that if she came over then I'm sure that she could cadge a little trip from her many boating friends - she always sound so encouraging.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Jan said...

It's not August, it's July but shhh, don't tell him then he'll get a nice surprise when it comes sooner than he thinks!

Unfortunately our vicinity is a long way from the canals!

Halfie said...

Sue, well, that's very kind of you. As Jan implies, it's more likely that we might, at some point, be in your vicinity than you in ours, if you see what I mean. I shall look out for you!

Jan, oh good! Only six months to go, then!