Sunday, 20 December 2009

December walk

Yesterday was the last of this year's Norfolk walks. We went to Elsing, a village between Swanton Morley and Lyng, and had a marvellous walk in the snow. We started by looking round St. Mary's church. It was built in the fourteenth century, with one of the widest naves of any parish church and with possibly the oldest font canopy in existence.

Out of the church and into the snow. It was excellent walking weather: below freezing point but windless, so it didn't feel too cold. The snow under foot was up to four inches deep.

Not far into the walk deer were spotted.

They are those tiny specks approximately in the middle of the picture. OK, I'll zoom in a bit.

Sandra leads the way ...

... past the snowball plant ...

... and along the edge of several fields.

I liked this snow-covered plough with the sun behind it ...

... and the low sunlight catching the signpost.

Well, that's quite enough for now.

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Vallypee said...

Nice walk indeed, Halfie and lovely photos to boot. Great to combine history with good exercise!