Monday, 14 December 2009

Planning permission sought for lock repair

Spotted at Hurleston Bottom Lock in October: a planning notice posted by Cheshire East Borough Council.

"Applicant: British Waterways Wales & Border Counties

Location: Lock 4, Hurleston Locks, Llangollen Canal, Chester Road, Hurleston, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6BU

Proposal: Refurbishment of Bottom End Mitre Lock Gates. Replacement of Timber Head and Heel Posts. Installation of Fender Signs and Replacement of Missing/Decayed Timber Fenders at the Approach to Lock"

Does BW really need planning permission to maintain its structures?

Perhaps this is the reason:

"It appears to the Council that the proposed development affects a public right of way."

I would have thought that the only "public right of way" affected by work on a lock would be if equipment was on the towpath.

Does this happen every time BW needs to do any work? What a load of bureaucracy.


alf said...

BW had to get permission for Big Lock in Middlewich also, as its in a conservation area !

Vallypee said...

Seems a bit daft to me Halfie, but I suppose rules is rules!