Saturday, 28 February 2009

Not just a phone that went missing

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I found Penny's mobile phone under my feet while driving with her from Stockton to Welford. It transpired that the phone wasn't the only thing to have fallen out of her bag on that journey. The day after I got back home from Shadow Jan spotted a set of keys in the passenger footwell. Oops. They were the keys for Penny's car, parked up at Stockton in Warwickshire, and David didn't have his keys for that car with him. The scenario is this: David, Penny, Jemima, Florence and Fergus will arrive at Stockton Top Marina with a boat-load of possessions, and be faced with the problem of getting home to London with two cars, one of which had no keys, and the other had only a smallish boot.

Jan phoned David as soon as she discovered the keys; David took it very calmly. Let the insurance company sort it out: they could arrange for the keys to be couriered to him. But the insurance company didn't want to do that. Instead, they'd transport the car home for them. My idea was simply to post the car key to Braunston Post Office for David to pick up on his way through, but it was too late: the recovery operation was already in hand. What a palaver! It all worked out in the end: cars, people and possessions got home; and the keys were handed over when we saw David at Alison's baptism the following Sunday.

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