Thursday, 19 February 2009

Back from February cruise

I'm back. Back from a lovely five days' cruise which included the Market Harborough arm, which I'd not done before. A fuller report, with photos, is to follow, but here are some highlights: met bloggers Del and Al of Derwent 6; saw, heard and felt signs of spring; Foxton Locks in the sunshine.

Too tired to say more just now (feeble excuse, I know!)


Vallypee said...
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Vallypee said...

I've missed a lot of posts here so will have to catch! Am looking forward to seeing your photos though. Glad it was a good cruise, and feeling quite wistful for boating opportunities myself! BTW the deleted comment was mine too. Too many sill mistakes.

Vallypee said...

Agh!! Still made mistakes and left words and letters out. It's too early ;-( Sorry, Halfie!