Thursday, 6 August 2015

Up the Wigan 21

Wednesday 5th August 2015

We were up early to get the Wigan locks done before the rain; we set off at about 0745. Henshaw Lock was very slow to fill, so it was getting on for 0830 by the time we started on the Wigan 21.

At the bottom lock we could see that another boat was going our way, just one lock ahead. Their crew saw us and immediately came down to tell us that they would wait so that we could go up the flight together.

The boat we paired with was Chyandour (the other one) with Fred and Lisa. Their friends Rob and Susie from Swamp Frogs, who had gone up the locks a day or two before, had come back to help them; this meant that there were now four of us available to wind paddles and push balance beams.

Not that all the balance beams had to be pushed. Some had a windlass arrangement for closing the gates.

One lock had a weight running down the side of the lock to assist with opening a bottom gate.

I spent nearly the entire time helping a narrowboat in front, Merry Dancer. Most of the locks were against us and they had a slowish approach to locking. Had I not been there our ascent of the flight would have been even slower than it was. We got to the top at about 1300.

It was great to meet Fred, Lisa, Rob and Susie, all of whom joined us for a little drink after lunch.

We cruised on to Adlington, mooring behind Chyandour and Swamp Frogs and waiting for David and Penny to join us after driving up from London. They arrived at 1830 and were surprised to find that it wasn't hot and sunny up north. I think Penny can put away her sun cream!

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Martin said...

We had a very nice walk on a sunny day around the grounds of Haigh Hall, with a coffee in their café. Worth the stroll.