Sunday, 9 August 2015

Foulridge Tunnel|: what makes the lights change?

We went to St. Luke's church in Brierfield for the 0915 service. There was a robed choir and a congregation of about 50 for the communion service. Unfortunately I have no idea what message the sermon was supposed to give.

When we got back to the boat we set off straight away as we had a luncheon appointment with Ben's parents. They were to join us at the bottom of Barrowford Locks for lunch on board before coming up the locks with us. At one of the locks John (Ben's dad) got a soaking. He was sitting in the well deck taking photographs when a jet of water suddenly issued from the side of the lock. It hadn't been there when we entered the empty lock, nor when the lock started filling.

We had already been cruising through some spectacular scenery, with the hills getting closer. The locks are in a lovely setting by a reservoir (from which I took this photo).

We shared the locks with a Shire Cruisers boat. The steerer had been hiring for 30 years but still hadn't quite got the hang of it. We were pleased to pass them early in the day when they ran into trees and came to a very sudden stop. At the top of Barrowford Locks we stopped for Elsan and water while they continued; when we got to Foulridge Tunnel they were there, waiting at the red traffic lights above the tunnel entrance. They had stopped well short of the tunnel mouth; I wondered whether a sensor simply hadn't detected their presence and so hadn't switched the lights to green. There was nothing in the tunnel. When I suggested that I move to the bollards nearest the portal the hirers said they would move up, and so they did. Only a couple of minutes after they had done so the lights turned green and off they went. We followed, but were doing tickover the whole way through.

The hire boat was taking the long route, zig-zagging from side to side. It was quite painful to watch!

At the moorings just after exiting the tunnel they rammed the concrete edge as they picked up a passenger. This was my chance and I took it. I overtook. Phew! From our conversations with them doing the locks we knew that they were stopping at the marina at Barnoldswick; we stopped nearer the town.

As we walked into the town later in the evening we witnessed a superbly red sky.

Shepherds must be delighted!


KevinTOO said...

So were they related to Tim & Pru by any chance?? ;)

Jim said...

The lights at Foulridge are on a timer. Ten minutes each way each half-hour. It must have just been co-incidence!
Jim (back getting better, slowly!)