Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Two wooden houses: one by the canal, the other in it

On our journey from Burscough Bridge to Wigan today we passed two interesting "house" constructions. The first was in a field and looks like a reconstruction of the framework of a mediaeval (or earlier?) dwelling.

The second was on the approach to Wigan from the west. This looks like a duck house.

As we approached Dean Lock we could see that there was a boat coming down. This turned out to be Eleventh Heaven with Chris and Les on their way to Liverpool; we exchanged hearty greetings. Good to see you again.

This evening we were supposed to be joined by Jim of Starcross fame. Unfortunately, at the last minute, he was unable to come so we'll be tackling the Wigan 21 without his help. I think a reasonably early start is called for to beat the forecast rain.

We won't be on our own for long, though, as brother David and his wife Penny are driving up from London to stay on board for a while.


Jim said...

Ah! So you only wanted me for my lock-wheeling! 😊It's a good job I didn't come as my back is worse than ever!
Sorry again. Jim

Vallypee said...

Love the floating house, Halfie! Rain or not, ti sounds as if you're having a wonderful time!