Saturday, 15 August 2015

Saltaire, Hockney and a cable tramway

We devoted almost the whole day to Saltaire, starting at Sir Titus Salt's mill, now devoid of the industry which was its raison d'etre but still with plenty of echoes of the past. Salt's Mill now houses an extensive David Hockney exhibition among other things.

I like being able to tell what a painting is of, so I preferred Hockney's art to that of Jackson Pollock, which we saw in the Tate in Liverpool a few days ago. And, yes, we were allowed to take photos.

We got a walking guide leaflet from the tourist information office and walked round and admired Salt's model village (town?). We looked round the URC Church containing Salt's mausoleum, and got a sneaky look in Victoria Hall opposite, which was prepared for a wedding reception just about to take place.

Jan went back to the boat for a cup of tea leaving David, Penny and I to investigate Shipley Glen and its Victorian cable tramway.

Penny, Halfie, David.  No, I am not steering
Soon after getting back cousin Jane arrived for a visit. As there were two convenient winding holes in front of and behind our mooring we took her for a mini cruise. This included passing between Salt's Mill and Salt's New Mill and took in a lock (twice) and a swing bridge. And all before tea. Jane enjoyed her outing and we enjoyed having her on board.

Jane being tutored by David in the art of paddle winding

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Vallypee said...

What a cultural time you've had, Halfie :) I also like David Hockney's art!