Thursday, 6 August 2015

Johnson's Hillocks

Today started with rain, just as we got going at 1000. David and I were measuring up a for a little project, more on which later.

At Chorley we stopped for a look round the town and to get one or two Chorley cakes. We ended up having lunch in a café in the main pedestrianised area. Our route back to the boat took us past this newspaper headline.

(One for that blog listed on Sarah's sidebar, perhaps.)

The Johnson's Hill(ock) Locks were a delight. The sun had come out, the scenery was stunning and there were no irritating handcuff locks to undo.

I got myself at the bow to take this one.

We paused at Withnell Fold to look at the interesting village square; then tied up for the night at Riley Green.

Blackburn tomorrow.

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