Thursday, 20 August 2015

A day off in Leeds (hardly any rain)

We did a little exploring of Leeds today. The boat stayed put in Granary Wharf ...

... although we were tempted to move to the basin by the Royal Armouries Museum when we saw that electricity was available there.

We started by walking to the Royal Armouries Museum. As the towpath is closed for major works we had to find our way by road. The direction signs are misleading - when you get near they point to a Leeds Museum which turned out not to be the RAM, nor a museum in the conventional sense at all. It was a store of objects not on display. Anyway, we found the right place and spent not very long there, war not really being our thing.

One good thing was that we found the boat which was so helpful to us yesterday. They invited us on board for coffee - and I found out that they are Ange, Al and Ritchie on wb Walrus.

I was very glad that we'd found them; I was able to return with a bottle of wine which, I'm glad to say, they accepted.

In the afternoon we went our separate ways, Jan to the shops and I to look around by bike. We met up by chance in the art gallery but then separated again.

I saw this jumble of roofs and chimneys on a hillside ...

... while going to rephotograph the "mirror" sign.

Steve of nb Albert commented to say that he had posted about this three years ago here and confirmed that it is indeed a work of art.

This is, apparently, the Botany Bay of Leeds, where the first shipment of wool arrived from Australia.

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