Monday, 3 August 2015

Buzz on sound

No rain that I can remember today, and even some sunshine, but a strongish breeze kept things cool outside. We cruised from Maghull to Burscough Bridge with a long delay for diesel at Scarisbrick Marina.

Long delay? Yes, there was only one person manning the office and looking after servicing. Still, we filled up with water and did a washing machine load while we were waiting.

After this I cycled to Southport to pick up a package I'd had delivered to Wolverton (complicated story); then we moved on to just past Crabtree Lane Swing Bridge.

Just before getting the diesel we tied up by the marina and had lunch. As I was untying to head for the service bay a widebeam came out of the marina and turned right to come our way. At the same time a narrowboat came along and overtook the widebeam right next to Jubilee. The widebeam must have waved the narrowboat past as there were smiles, not frowns, as the two boats steamed dieseled motored past.

The package I made a ten mile round trip for was a 12V "hi-fi" amplifier module (£2.99 from China via Amazon) which I want to power some loudspeakers from the DAB radio.

Unfortunately when I connected it all up there was a horrible buzz on the audio, probably from the inverter but possibly also from the LED lights in the cabin.

I must now find a way to suppress this interference which I suspect is coming up the 12V connection (unscreened and running the full length of the boat). I'll try a small capacitor across the power supply first. I have dozens of such things in a drawer at home; here I might have to buy one. Is there a Maplin in Wigan? I might find out tomorrow.


KevinTOO said...

Well that was way too easy a question...
and look it's very near the canal too :)

Halfie said...

Thanks Kevin.