Saturday, 8 August 2015

Burnley Embankment

The Burnley Embankment is one of the so-called seven wonders of the waterways. My photo doesn't do it justice; the one I took from below doesn't really show the scale of the thing either.

We had cruised in summery weather from Rishton, stopping at the Rose Grove services to empty the water tank and refill with what we hope is uncontaminated water. It took ages to empty; the tank must be bigger than I thought. Fortunately it took only half-an-hour to fill, so we were on our way again.

As we entered Burnley we saw plenty of old mills, far more than in Blackburn.

We stopped at the canalside museum in the Weavers' Triangle, which was open and very good. I don't remember having seen a bale of cotton before.

Round the corner was the famous Burnley Embankment. We stopped at the mooring rings for a quick look from below - and a check down the weed hatch - before continuing. The impressive thing about the embankment is that it is so high above the ground both sides.

We tied up for the night in Brierfield, between bridges 135 and 136.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Indigodream coming your way possibly this afternoon if we get onto the M25 soon-ish!

Halfie said...

Ooh - just read your comment - didn't see you - we are now in Barnoldswick - where are you - over

Anonymous said...

Skipton shopping!

Will see if I can find some contact details for you on my phone, if I can't please email us!


Anonymous said...

Aiming for a pub in gargrave.