Thursday, 20 September 2018

Overspill weirs on the Coventry Canal

We lit our stove today as we did mostly sedentary jobs this morning. It was good to get the lovely warmth - and occasional smoky smell - from the dry logs we've been carrying around all summer. It was also very good not to have to go anywhere in the rain! This afternoon Jan walked and I cycled to Tamworth for a little light shopping (no, we didn't buy any little lights) and stayed dry. Now (10pm) it's pouring with rain again (on the day, naturally, when CRT announced the closure of the Caldon Canal at Hazelhurst Locks to save water on the T&M).

Cycling along the Coventry Canal towpath the other day I photographed a couple of overspill weirs.

They didn't have much to do ...

… but the rain will be making a difference. The River Tame in Tamworth was up today; it'll be even higher soon.


stevecarter said...

That first weir pictured has just had all its infilling silt dug out by hand by willing volunteers. It took three strenuous sessions to get it all out.

Halfie said...

The silt under the water? How is that done, then?