Saturday, 15 September 2018

Cracking bridges

We supported Christine's and Terry's church family fun day in Bedworth before resuming our travels, turning onto the Ashby Canal at Marston Junction. As I was making the turn a boat emerged from the Ashby, so I hung back in the wide opposite the junction. Fortunately the other boat was turning right onto the Coventry Canal, otherwise there would have been some interesting juggling of positions. As it was we were able to slip under the junction bridge with no problem. I took the photo looking back towards the junction.

Many of the bridges we passed under are built of stone; some seem to be cracking up. Here's Bridge 10 ...

… and this is Bridge 20.

Empress has a colourfully decorated cratch board.

We stopped by in Hinckley where Andy and Sue came to meet us, then Jan went with Sue in their car to their mooring while Andy steered Jubilee to Bridge 21. We walked back to their boat, Spring Water, and enjoyed a very pleasant meal and evening there.

Tomorrow we shall go with Andy and Sue to their church in Hinckley, then I shall watch the Grand Prix. I shall have to work out whether we have enough time to go to the end of the navigation before going to Fazeley by Thursday - I expect we have.

Oh - an update on the dodgy paddle gear at Stoke Bruerne: I had an e-mail from CRT yesterday saying that it had been fixed.

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