Monday, 17 September 2018

Nuneaton at Nuneaton

We walked the mile and a half into Hinckley town centre again this morning to meet up with Andy and Sue for coffee in "the office", aka Wetherspoon's. We returned to the boat via Lidl and had lunch, then set off towards the junction at 1400. We stopped for water at Bridge 15, just past the Limekilns Inn. The pressure here was low; after 20 minutes we gave up and carried on. At Marston Junction a horse and rider were crossing the bridge.

We turned right onto the Coventry Canal and met a motor towing a butty.

I thought that the last time I saw Nuneaton and Brighton they were signwritten as such; here I had only the cans to go on. The can on the motor was painted "Nuneaton", and on the butty the can ended in "...ton" so I guess that was Brighton.

We carried on through the town of Nuneaton and tied up near Hartshill. I cycled back along the towpath to Bedworth to pick up the car from outside Terry and Christine's house.

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