Sunday, 23 September 2018

Flaming burgers!

Yesterday was a busy, full-on day so no blog post. After an excellent teaching and discussion session in the morning we had various activities in the afternoon, including a treasure hunt which we were able to enter this time as it had been set by someone else. We won, despite dropping half a point because I forgot to return to one clue to get some more information. Don and Celia did a barbecue - Don had an interesting technique.

It all tasted fine, I'm pleased to say.

In the evening we had songs, sketches and readings; this morning we had a short communion service just for the BCFers, then we joined the usual congregation for a service in the church before Sunday lunch in the Fazeley Inn just down the road.

And then … it was our last half mile of boating for this year (possibly), taking the boat to Fazeley Mill Marina for diesel filling and Elsan emptying. This is Tolson's Footbridge while the sun was shining; at the marina we had a sudden downpour.

After winding at Fazeley Junction we returned to our online mooring and relaxed. I'll load the car tomorrow.

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