Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"It's especially funny when people fall in"

Guest written by Jan (she does it much better than me!) Over to her:

We descended the Three Locks at Soulbury at 7.00am. Earlier than planned, but a boat came past so Halfie jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and got going. Anyway, who'd stay in bed when there's boating to do? We moored up for breakfast after the locks then carried on to Fenny Lock and stopped there for water.

While waiting for the tank to fill, we chatted to an elderly couple who were sitting in their front garden 'watching the boats go by'. They said they had been doing it for twenty something years and never got bored. They said it was very entertaining and especially funny when people fell in!

It was peaceful when we arrived at Fenny Stratford but it very quickly got busy and by the time we were heading into the lock a queue had formed behind us.

I steered while Halfie cleaned the roof and then we moored up in the shade under the A5 at Simpson so he could clean the starboard side. Several boats came past, with some of their steerers asking for boat cleaning service and making witty(ish) comments. We usually find most boaters to be very friendly and it is that cheerful banter we enjoy so often when out on the cut.

Ally and Ben walked down the towpath from MK and joined us for the last part of the cruise back to the marina and we arrived back there at about 2.00pm.

Now Halfie is sitting in the saloon looking at two unopened flat cardboard boxes leaning up against the radiator wondering when he'll have a chance to fit the solar panels......another job!


Anonymous said...

So lovely to see you both at Cassiobury Park. Just as well that witty banter doesn't have to be original!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

With reference to 'buing' in an earlier blog, there is so much boating jargon I don't understand, that I naturally assumed it was a real word!


Vallypee said...

Lovely to read a post by Jan! Hello Jan! I enjoyed this one and can well imagine the old couple's delight at the misadventures of the boaters.

Anonymous said...